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Get a $500 Amazon Gift Card

Get a $500 Amazon gift card and enjoy happy shopping.

Are you looking for an Amazon gift card? We’ve brought you a $500 worth of gift cards from Amazon that you can collect without any cost. This card allows you to purchase any product from Amazon. We will declare 1 out of every 20 winners through a special lottery and send the gift card to him. Wondering how to get this gift card for free? We partner with Amazon for a special promotion on Amazon and provide a gift card through a lottery. You too can participate in this lottery and win the Amazon $500 Gift Card.

How to participate?

Follow the steps below to get the Amazon Gift Card:

  1. First, you click the “Apply Now” button.
  2. Then enter the offer page & select your card value.
  3. Enter all your valid information on the offer page. (If the information is not valid, we will not be able to send your gift if you are the winner)
  4. Once your information is provided, you will be asked 3 simple questions, you will answer 3 questions in a row.
  5. Finally, confirm your participation by clicking the Confirm and Submit button.

Those who can participate:

  1. You must be at least 14 years old.
  2. Must be a resident of the mentioned country.
  3. You must have a valid email address.

You must have all the information valid

Get a $500 Amazon Gift Card

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Why take from GiantOfferz?

“GiantOfferz” gives you all the valid and new gift cards which are completely free. “GiantOfferz”  is directly associated with the company and provides free gift cards for the promotion of their company. All types of gift cards are provided free of charge. Lottery gift cards are sent to the winner within 16 to 24 hours. All types of personal information are kept highly confidential here. And the “giantofferz” does not resort to any kind of fraud. So feel free to apply for a gift card.

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Get a $500 Amazon Gift Card

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