win a playstation5

Win a PlayStation5 without Pay

You must like PlayStation Games. If you like PlayStation Games. Then today’s offer is for you. We’ve got some free PlayStation 5 digital editions for you. We will provide free PlayStation 5 in the interest of promotion and dissemination of PlayStation 5. This will be provided directly from the company. You do not have to pay for this. We will select 10 of the first 100 people through a lottery and give them PlayStation 5.

Key features

 At the speed of light

 Ultra-high speed SSD – Installed PS5  Maximize your game sessions with near instant load time for games.

Integrated I / O – PS5 Custom integration of console systems allows manufacturers to pull data from SSDs so fast that they can design games in a way that has never been possible before.

Stunning game

  • Ray Tracing – Rays of Light are uniquely mimicked, supported PS5. Immerse yourself in the world with a new level of reality by creating true-to-life shadows and reflections in games.
  • 4K-TV Gaming – Play your favorite PS5 ™ games on your stunning 4K TV
  • Up to 120fps with 120Hz output – Enjoy smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay up to 120fps for compatible games with 120Hz output support on 4K displays.
  • HDR Technology – Supported PS5 with an HDR TV ™ Games display an incredibly vibrant and vibrant color range.
  • 8K Output – Compatible with 8K displays via PS5 ™ console HDMI 2.1 support.

Suffocating immersion

Tempest 3D Audiotech – Immerse yourself in the soundscapes where the sound seems to be coming from every direction. With your compatible headphones, your surroundings are really brought to life with games that support Tempest 3D Audiotech.

Haptic Feedback

Experience haptic feedback through the DualSense Wireless Controller on selected PS5 titles and feel the impact and impact of your in-game action through dynamic sensitive feedback.

Adaptive Triggers

Grip with submerged adaptive triggers, has dynamic resistance levels that mimic the physical effects of in-game activity on selected PS5 games.

What’s in the box Packages include:

  • PlayStation®5 digital version console
  • DualSense ™ Wireless controller
  • DualSense ™ USB charging cable
  • ASTRO’s Playroom (Pre-Installed Games) **
  • Base
  • HDMI only AC power cord Printed materials

 System software update may be required. Internet connection required for update.

Win a PlayStation5 without Pay

How can you apply?

  1. Click “Apply Now” Button
  2. Write down your First name, Last name, email or Gmail & mobile no.
  3. Then click next.
  4. Write down your address. (Must be give your correct & valid information,)
  5. Finally submit your application.


If you win the lottery you will be notified via email and you will be given home delivery.

Special Note: “The Giant Offer does not provide any illegal content here and will never forge information about any person. The “Giant Offer” works quickly and ensures the offer is delivered to the customer at the right time. Customer satisfaction is the main purpose of “Giant Offer”.

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