Redeem a $1000 Paypal Gift Card

Redeem a $1000 Paypal Gift Card

Are you thinking of giving a gift card to your friends and loved ones? Then PayPal Gift Card may be the best choice for you. Which you like to use yourself. No worries, “Giant Offerz” gives you the chance to win $1000 PayPal gift cards without any payment. Here you can win a PayPal gift card for free and without any problems.

Wondering why we’re offering this PayPal gift card without payment? The point here is that every year big companies spend a lot of money on one of their campaigns. PayPal distributes some of its parts to customers which is completely free. Many people apply for a gift card every day, but several customers are declared winners through the lottery. Then why don’t you apply? You too can try your luck. Maybe today’s winner is you.

Let’s not know what is PayPal gift card?

The concept of gift cards is not new in the world of digital payments. For more than a decade now, many financial institutions, banks, e-commerce sites, and many other digital payment service providers have been using their exclusive gift cards to attract customers and promote their brands. Until a year ago, it was a common belief that a gift card was just a thing of giant corporations, big banks, and reputable financial institutions. But, from now until 2020, gift cards are no longer a thing of the heavyweight business entity. And credit goes to PayPal for making gift cards easier to use and accessible. You’ll be happy to know that PayPal lets its users create, design, and sell their own exclusive e-gift cards. Surprised? Yes, that’s right you can now become your own PayPal user, create your own digital gift card and sell or offer it to your employees, friends, family members, and customers.

Who can apply for this gift card?

  1. You must be at least 14 years of age.
  2. You must have a valid PayPal account.

How to apply for this offer?

You need to follow the procedure given below to get apply for this offer.

  1. First click the Request Now button.
  2. Then enter the PayPal offer page.
  3. Provide a valid email ID. A PayPal code will be provided in your email.
  4. Provide your information accurately and very carefully.
  5. Then submit.


After a while, you will be sent an email, where you will be given a secret number. If PayPal Gift Card is the winner, the offer will be given using that code. It may take a maximum of 1 to 2 hours for the offer to reach the winning customer.

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Special Note: “The Giant Offer does not provide any illegal content here and will never forge information about any person. The “Giant Offer” works quickly and ensures the offer is delivered to the customer at the right time. Customer satisfaction is the main purpose of “Giant Offer”.

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Redeem a $1000 Paypal Gift Card

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